Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pheromones Attract Women

Pheromones enhance a man’s romantic edge or ability to attract women. Pheromones have been mentioned in the news and in the media because they are becoming recognized by the scientific community for their ability to attract a mate. I personally witnessed the power of pheromones to attract women. In addition I have received many accolades from pheromone wearing men who experienced attracting more women.

Pheromones also offer an alternative or adjunct to online dating. Today people are turning to online dating services in the hope of meeting someone. However, pheromones help improve the chances that your liaison with your internet date may flourish. Wearing pheromones encourage a woman to pay more attention to you and improve your importance upon your initial meeting.

Let us not forget the joy of chance meetings that can flourish into a meaningful relationship. Again pheromones help improve your chance of meeting that special person. The unpredictability of meeting someone without outside services can sometimes be more fun and more rewarding. In addition, it is certainly more economical to meet someone without the cost of an outside service. You can save money spent on dating services and put it toward your date to show her a better time.

Pheromone results can sometimes take time before positive results can be seen and can vary according to conditions and individual personality. I always recommend men put their pheromones on as a regular routine. Forget that you are wearing your pheromones and go about your normal business. If you are thinking about your pheromones you will probably outwardly display your thoughts to other women. The results could be less than desirable. This is why I recommend putting them on a regular basis.

It is true that you never know when you may meet someone, and wearing pheromones is no exception. Be aware that a woman may give you some special clues that she is interested. Perhaps unfamiliar women may pick up a conversation with you that seems to linger and be longer than a normal casual conversation. I have seen stronger reactions while experimentally wearing pheromones

Every man can benefit by wearing pheromones. However, based on my observations and expertise, men with a calm demeanor generally seem to get the fastest and most intense results. Regardless, all men can get great results if they treat every day as if it is just another day. Don’t get too excited if you meet a special woman. You should remain calm and pleasant and remember that if this woman does not result in a special relationship, chances are another will come along and probably will!

There are several important details when considering the purchase of pheromones. Not all pheromones are alike and results can vary greatly. Some manufactures argue that they have more pheromones than their competitor. I do not agree with that argument. More is not better. Sometimes manufacturers load up their product with too much pheromones that can be consciously detected and defeats their purpose. Pheromones quality should be high so that only a small undetectable amount is used. This way the pheromones are not consciously detected but rather are detected subconsciously with the desirable effect of attracting women. I think it is more important if a manufacturer stands behind their pheromones with a money back guarantee and is listed with a business service that reports them as being reputable.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The place is hot and steamy, pulsing with the beat of blaring music and gyrating bodies. You see her working it across the crowded floor, and you have to meet her. A brilliant idea: you’ll buy her a drink. But wait a second - that only works in night clubs, and you’re at a health club. So while you could send a 20 oz. Tropical Xtremo Gatorade her way, that probably won’t produce the intended result, no matter how important it is to replenish fluids during strenuous exercise. What do you do?
Gyms notoriously attract eye-catching people. There’s no greater concentration of sinewy muscles and tight, skimpy clothing anywhereexcept maybe the adult thriller section of your local Blockbuster Video. Let’s face it, even the most average-looking gym-goer is fit and healthy, or at least will be in a few months. But while fitness clubs are a veritable bakery of available beefcakes and beefcakettes, they can actually be rather tricky places to meet people. Gyms are often chock full of cheesy pick-up artists with sleazy come-ons, or, on the other side, designer gear-wearing posers who walk around a whole lot and manage to lift very little.
But there has to be some way for normal people to meet other normal people at the gym, right? The simple answer is yes, but not without keeping several things in mind - especially if your idea of a good opening line is something like “Nice shoes, wanna french?”
Listen up, all you muscle-bound Casanovas out there: no matter how eager you are to begin the mating er, dating process, you’ve got to scope out the scene. Some gyms are as flirty as all-you-can drink “body shot nite” at Club Med. Others, well, you’d probably have better luck cruising a Buddhist monastery. Look around. Are people talking with each other and not asking whether they can “work-in”? If that’s the case, fire up conversations at will (we’ll cover what to say shortly). But if the atmosphere is more businesslike, it’s probably best to keep minding your own. Unsolicited banter, no matter how witty, can stick out worse than a left elbow during assisted tricep dips.
Next, and most importantly: you can check someone out, just don’t freak them out. It’s one thing to sneak a peek while she’s sprawled on the stretching mat, but quite another to train your penetrating gaze on her (no matter how amazing her side crunch technique might be). Among the women I’ve spoken to, the consensus is clear. One or two quick glances, and maybe even a little smile, are flattering; prolonged staring, drooling, or high-fiving your equally lecherous friends, is not. Of course, even the strongest exhibit occasional weakness - if you absolutely can’t help it, use the gym’s mirrors for a far less detectable stare. (This technique can also give you a better view of, shall we say, the traditionally hidden parts of an alluring physique.)
You’ve spotted someone on the lat machine, you’ve used the mirror, and you like what you see. You’re ready to make your move, right? Hold on there, tough guy. The next step is recognizing her receptiveness. Just as exercise is a social experience, it can also be solitary and serious. Some people just want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. This is especially true at gyms where members squeeze workouts into hectic appointment schedules, or even before the workday begins. People probably aren’t looking for romance in the midst of the daily grind, and while your hormones might be awake at 6:00 a.m., it’s unlikely that someone who gets up while it’s still dark wants to meet anyone, aside from the coffee stand guy.
Same can be said of those who hit the gym after work - chances are they just want to exercise, go home, and eat a salad. If some meathead wearing zebra-print Zubaz pants impedes that progress, do you think he’ll get that number (the real one)? She might have caught your eye, but you can’t assume the feeling is mutual unless she sees you and smiles back. Even then, wait an extra minute, just to make sure she’s not there with her championship kick-boxer boyfriend, who’d be more than happy to use your face as a leather focus mitt.
When it comes to opening lines, we all have our stand-bys. But at the gym, inspired pick-ups like “Sagittarius, right?,” “I’m on the football team,” and “please don’t call the cops” might not work as well. True, women’s reactions vary, depending largely on delivery, making it tough to say what to say. But there are definitely techniques to avoid. Worst offender? The old “let me show you how to do that” maneuver. We’ve all seen this move in action, and might even be guilty of trying it (listen up, personal trainers). There’s nothing wrong with correcting someone’s form - unless it’s used as a pretext to ogle her body at close range, or, worse, place an “instructive” hand on it.
Most men don’t mind a stranger’s touch (and probably fantasize about it), but women like it about as much as filthy bathrooms, back hair, and spitting contests. Here’s something else they hate: guys who comment on how stretchy they are. Yes, women are flexible, and flexibility is awesome - just ask Emoke Ritter, world-famous Hungarian contortionist (you’ve never heard of her?). Women understand they can bend in ways that stir the male imagination - spare yourself the embarrassment of mentioning it.
The last thing a woman wants to hear from a stranger, unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, is “boy are you flexible.” Same goes for “great muscle tone,” “killer pecs,” or “nice ass.” Keep the focus off her body, at least out loud. Instead, comment on the book she’s reading or the music she’s listening to. Or simply ask what her name is. Talk a little. Work out a little. Established a rapport first, then you can show her the right way to do a shoulder press. Better yet, let her show you.
Top 5 Least Effective Gym PIck-Up Lines
1) Is that a Detour bar in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
2) Nice Glutes.
3) I’d love to ask you out for a drink, but I’m on Atkins.
4) You know, my favorite exercise is pushups. They’re best done with 2 people, care to join in?
5) Hi, my name is Richard Simmons.

Friday, July 20, 2007

How To Seduce A Woman

We all know guys who are not at ease when it comes to seducing women in real life. They all want women. They dream about women. They fantasize…and sometimes they even boast to their friends about their imagined 'seduction skills'.

But the bitter truth is that the majority of men consider seducing women to be one of the most difficult tasks in their lives. In fact, this might be the only area in which all we men stand UNITED.

Some men may be confident when it comes to thinking of ideas about how to seduce a woman. They might even offer seduction advice to their friends and others.

However, when it comes to putting their advice into action, it very often turns out to be a much more difficult game to play than it is to commentate on. Actually approaching women and letting them know you are interested in them can be terrifying even for those who talk big.

The general idea of seducing a woman is to make her comfortable, to help her to relax. When you help her to do this, you empower her to initiate closeness and to choose to accept your advances.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about persuading her to take her clothes off as soon as possible! A successful seducer creates a comfortable situation for both of you where you can talk freely and get on with an encounter that you will both enjoy.

Before you can successfully seduce a woman, you need to understand certain things.

First of all you must believe strongly that seduction is a game where experienced players win and how to seduce a woman is not a rocket science.

Successful seduction needs careful planning, a positive approach, a degree of self-confidence, and a sense of humor helps too. These and other qualities will help you become a winner in the game of seduction.

You can regard yourself as being successful in seduction if you can impress a girl, take her on a date and show her how much she enjoys being romanced by you. If you can accomplish all this, you have a good chance of successfully progressing to sexual intimacy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Secrets to Approaching Girls: Easy Steps To Get Her Romantically Interested In You!

Getting any female of your dreams to love you is like a dream come true. However, it is not always as easy as we would like it to be. Getting a girl to actually love you the same way that you do is something that is going to depend on you and what you are interested in putting into the relationship.

You need to think about a few things first so that you are prepared to approach the girl and get her to take an interest in you romantically.

1) Dress to Impress

The first thing that you need to do is to make the best impression that you can. First impressions are always going to last with someone, and you want it to be a good one. You want to make an impact on her so that she cannot wait until the next time that you cross paths. Get her attention in a good way and be interesting no matter what you are doing!

You are going to have to give it time. She will eventually start to have feelings for you if the time is right. You want to be patient and let it happen. There are, some things you cannot control, and this is defiantly one of them. You need to make sure that you are giving her romance. This is needed in order to fall in love. Do not be obscene in front of her. Watch your mouth and keep your gentleman qualities about you.

2) RESPECT- Find out what it means to Her

Show her that you love her and give her the respect that she is looking for. Let your feelings show if you are confident enough in this situation.

For example, if she is letting on that she may like you in a different way other than being just friends, this may be the opportunity that you are looking for.

You may want to do it secretly if you think that it is not time. Write her little love notes from a secret admirer. You being the admirer of course. But see how she reacts and this may tell you if you should or should not let her in on your feelings.

You want to always start out as friends. Get to know her and how she is. You want to get close to her heart and find out what is going on inside of her. Love that follows friendship is a great match. You are going to know each other better and be able to feel good when you are together. You can find out all that you want to with time and as you, both grow as two people together.

3) Make her feel Special

Making a girl feel special is very important. You need to let her know that she is someone that means a lot to you and that you are glad she is a part of your life. Make her see that she touches you and that you do not want to lose her friendship no matter what. Compliment her often and give her support when she needs it the most. This will show her your compassionate side and she will see that you are an emotional and supportive person in her life.

Share your dreams with her. Let her know your world. Do not be afraid to dream with her and build a life together. If she is interested in you romantically, you can watch as she starts to see that maybe this is the opportunity for her to take. Show her appreciation and make sure that it continues even after you get together as a couple if that is meant to be.

4) Be a Good Listener

Listen to her and do small things for her when she least expects it. Chances are she will think the world of you when you do things out of the blue. It makes no difference what it is as long as you are showing her attention, that she is very important to you, and that you want to do these things for her.

Have fun together. Do not forget one of the most important things and that is to have fun. You need to share the same interests and do things that both of you enjoy doing. Once you start to do more things together and share memories, it should start to fall into place for you and her.

Keep it real. No matter what you need to be honest and open with any girl that you want to have a relationship with. Give her respect and make sure that you are committed to this person.

Once you see that she is starting to have feelings for you take it slow and make sure that you are not rushing her or yourself into anything. Live each day as it comes and make sure that you are living for the moment. Appreciate what you haven make sure that you are giving her the feeling that she is special and that you are totally happy that she is in your life.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What is Love ?

If love is a labor I'll slave 'til the endI won't cross these streets until you hold my handthank you so much.i would never have known love if it wasn't for you.i would never have known of how strong LOVE can be if it wasn't for you.i would never have known of such happiness if it wasn't for you.i would never have known so little and so much about myself if it wasn't for you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How To Do A Resume - 3 Things You Must Remember

Few people really understand how to do a resume and cover letter that works for them in their job hunt. While your resume is a factual document, it is also a marketing tool...and it is your best one. In some cases, it is your only one. Because it is so important, it requires some professional guidance. Almost every job-seeker I've encountered who thought they had a well-done resume found out how wrong they were once we started looking at their resume in detail. A successful cv has a number of factors which make it a success but there are 3 key ingredients that are at the top of the list.The first factor you need to bear in mind when it comes to how to do a resume is proper format. This is the one thing I see as a problem most often with my job-seeker clients. A lot of people have problem situations that create a challenge in producing a professional-looking resume, but with a little thought, they can include everything they need and keep the format. Keeping a resume in format is important for the hiring agent. Imagine you are the one weeding through a pile of resumes where some are three pages long and others are done in a script font in blue ink. Why add to the hiring agent's headache? Keep your resume to one page and use black ink in an 11 or 12 pitch Times New Roman font. Include only the last ten years of work history. Steer clear of colored paper, personal information like your birthday, and bolding or using italics, unless it is in a header. Many job hunters overlook the second most important factor on a resume: the stated objective that must go at the top. Your objective must be related to your abilities, it should be brief and specific. This is your opportunity to say what you are looking for. Many people fear doing this because they are worried about offending someone or don't know exactly what it is they are looking for. There is no denying that an objective is a qualifying factor and helps the hiring agent determine how suitable you are for the job. Maybe your objective will indicate to the hiring agent that you aren't a good fit for the job in question but you have to ask yourself how happy you would be to take a job that isn't what you want anyway. However, if it doesn't disqualify you and you are moved into the interview pile, then your objective could actually be the deciding factor.The third most important factor has to do with the posturing of your work history. If you already have a resume, pull it out and look at the duties that you list under your last job. Does it read more like a job description or does it reflect your abilities over and above what you were hired to do? The duties you list should be brief phrases that show how you added value to that particular company. You need to choose powerful words to describe your contributions, like "provided leadership," "organized," "created," "facilitated," "solved" and "entire." Do you see how these words can elevate the typical "filing," or "customer relations" language? Check everything that you list against your objective to ensure that there is a direct correlation between the two. You are giving evidence to support your objective, so do a good job in selecting your words, and let those words do a good job for you.Knowing how to do a resume is a valuable skill that every job seeker needs to master if they want to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Thankfully there is help available if you get stuck so that tricky areas with your curriculum vitae can be quickly worked through and you can focus your effort instead on job hunting for that perfect job.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keep Your Relationship Romantic

Rediscover the early months of any relationship where everything is wonderful and the entire first year or two can be a walk in the park .But sooner or later, the romance and warm fuzzies that you had at the beginning fade away and are replaced by cold, hard life.

First of all, there is no romance if you can't have communication. It doesn't have to be verbal, just a simple loving glance or a kiss goodbye will suffice. In many cases, even simple gestures like these have vanished from long-term relationships. Smiling at your spouse in the morning over coffee will do wonders. So will kissing him or her goodbye or even leave a short love note in one' briefcase.

Love takes effort and so does romance. You can boost your romantic level by simply saying "I love you", words that probably slipped out of your mouth frequently in bygone eras! Try to make it a habit to tell your partner that you love them a minimum of three times a day. It's not hard at all. Just once afte ryou have woken up, when you meet after work and finally before you go to bed. If you can throw those three valuable words in there at other times of the day as well, go for it! We all need to hear that we are loved.

Avoid fighting in your free time. Finding time alone can be very hard, especially if you have children, so don't ruin it by bringing up problems you have with the other person. If you are annoyed that your husband left his shoes in the middle of the hall for the umpteenth time, wait until he is about to do it again to remind him gently where they actually belong. And if your wife prepares that mushroom dish that you hate so much, don't comment on it while you are having a date night! Spending this time talking about more constructive things will greatly help your relationship.

Have some cuddle time. Sometimes just being on the couch together can do wonders for boosting the romantic connectio.

Take a vacation. Most of the time a weekend off from work and the kids will do;it doesn't have to be a romantic second honeymoon to Hawaii or Fiji. Find a cozy Bed and Breakfast out of town and relax . . . together. Both of you will benefit from the downtime and this will reflect in your everyday actions toward each other.

TLC is highly under-rated. Why shouldn't you kiss or hold hands in public, or in front of your kids? You are not only proving your love to each other, but to the world. And while you certainly don't want to start undressing each other in front of the kids, they will learn positive things from seeing that their parents are still in love!

Romance takes some effort and upkeep. If you ignore it or put it on the back burner, you will most certainly lose it, so take up the challenge and do something today to rekindle the romance in your relationship.